Functions Main applications
Mechanical properties Hardness Cylinders, bearings
Lubricity Cylinders, piston rings
Dimensional stability Precision parts
Overlaying Cylinders, bearings
Non-stickiness Mold
Wear resistance Rolls, guides, brake pistons
Electric and Electromagnetic properties Circuit build-up Printed wiring boards
High frequency characteristics Contacts, switches, wave guides
Magnetism, nonmagnetism Aluminum magnetic disks
Contact resistance Connectors, switches
Electric resistance Electric resistors
Electromagnetic wave shield Computer housing case, casing of portable telephones
Bonding strength Solderability Printed wiring boards, electronic parts, semiconductor parts
Bondability Electronic parts, semiconductor parts
Chemical properties Corrosion resistance Household appliances, automotive parts, OA equipments
Chemical resistance Plant equipments
Anti-bacterial capability Door knobs
Optical characteristics Anti-refletcance Optical equipments (interior / exterior), automotive parts
Selective photoabsorption Solar systems
Photoreflectance Mirrors
Thermal characteristics Thermal resistance Engine parts
Thermal conductivity Kitchen wares
Others Water repellent Special parts